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We are revolutionizing the separation process for transitioning military members. We do this by providing each and every veteran with a step by step guide to maximizing their benefits once they have left service. Click the link below to book a call with our team today!

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Cole A. Tenney

Owner- Mil2Millions

As not only the founder of M2M but a client, I can tell you firsthand these services are life changing and invaluable for setting yourself up for success once your military service ends.

I separated from the Navy in 2019, with little guidance from the free resources provided I turned to self education on the topic of VA benefits; through hours and hours of meticulously researching how the VA claims process works I was able to provide my claim to the VA 100% through my own efforts. 

Fast forward 6 months; I was down to my last $500 before essentially becoming homeless, when I received my results from my claim.. 100% Total and Permanent! This was relieving and eye opening at the same time, if I can do this then so can every other person who served. 

Since that day, myself, along with a great support system have created an amazing program that empowers veterans by educating them on not only how to file a claim but what to do once you have started receiving your benefits. Your benefits are useless unless you know how to utilize them to achieve your goals; we help our clients pay off debt, save for a second retirement, start businesses and much more.  Our mission is to bring change the broken methods that are being used today that leave countless veterans confused and frustrated once they have separated. M2M will change what post service life looks like for thousands of veterans and their families!


Here's what veterans just like you are saying!

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Cole T.

Absolutely life changing, within 6 months of leaving active duty I was rated at 100% P&T! I have used these benefits to achieve financial freedom and start multiple businesses. M2M allowed me to live my dreams!

Jordan C.

M2M helped me achieve taking my disability rating from 30% too 80%! These guys are tremendously professional and eager to help. With the relentless effort that M2M provided me, I believe that I am on road too 100%
They helped me achieve a 50% increase in my disability which helped me be rated at 80% currently!

Dominic G.

After a few months of working with M2M, I was rated at 80%! M2M appealed to me because they teach you how to maximize your benefits. As an veteran entrepreneur, this allowed me to leverage my benefits to start my AirBnB business in Southern California which did 6 figures in my first year! Thank you so much to M2M!

Dan N.

I would recommend M2M to any service member getting ready to get out the military or a veteran that is looking to achieve the maximum possible rating.

Cole knows what he’s doing and really easy to get a hold of, he’s the guy you want to go to to be pointed in the right direction to have maximum benefits and compensation!

Dylan W.

When I processed out of the Navy I wasn't sure how the benefits process worked. M2M guided me in the right direction and helped me secure my future. With the tools provided, I am able to finally secure my finances and plan for major future investments. I HIGHLY recommend M2M for anyone that is struggling financially, is processing out of the military, or anyone that wants to secure an amazing investment path for their future.

Tyler H.

I was active duty with Cole Tenney, M2M  helped me achieve my 100% P&T disability rating from the VA.  I was completely lost when I left the military, and I felt abandoned by the military I served.. M2M has forever changed my life.

Me'Anna S.

Thus far, M2M has helped me to dig deeper into my medical information to claim what I am deserving of;I have already mention M2M to couple people who are in the process of transitioning and will continue to spread the word!

Eury A.

Cole helped me achieve clarity in my VA disability process. I now have confidence in knowing there are like-minded individuals willing to help others like myself. I would recommend M2M to every sailor I know that is transitioning or already out of the military looking for a community to help them thrive.